I've always been enthusiastic about fitness and have tried so many different sports.  In my younger years I enjoyed swimming, played badminton & hockey, at uni  I tried running and had a very short stint at Ju Jitsu! I now cycle and practice Pilates.  


I was hooked on Pilates from my first lesson, it has lifted my energy levels, enhanced my flexibility, strength & ease of movement, resulting in an improved level of fitness and a higher level performance in other sports.


I studied as an Architect and still work as one.  I got into Pilates as a way of relieving stress and tension.  I find it to be extremely effective for switching off, I struggle to worry about anything else while I'm in my little pilates zone.


I find it so rewarding to be able to pass on my knowledge of this fantastic movement practice, to see my client's progress and feel the difference.




BODY CONTROL PILATES Matwork Instructor Level 3


BCP cert teacher Correct_4