B A L A N C E  by TOLA


BALANCE was developed from the idea of a meditation stool, a piece that could be taken apart for transport. The idea evolved into a stool that could also be used to practice correct alignment of the body in a seated position and also challenge stability through adding in simple Pilates matwork exercises.

The tiniest of movements tip the BALANCE, to stay aligned you have to recruit your core.


We wanted to create a piece that was not just practical but was also aesthetically pleasing. We chose Birch Plywood and Harris Tweed, this is a lovely combination.

Stools copy

Sit with your feet tucked under for meditation and alignment work. Or with your knees bent, feet in front of you to begin movements with the legs and arms, while keeping your BALANCE.


The stool comes with a simple booklet of exercises to get you started, if you have practiced Pilates you can take many of the basic exercises onto this stool and really challenge your centre.


Have a play, or be still and meditate.






£40 + delivery


Please contact me if you are interested in a stool, or visit TOLAs Etsy shop.